Start the Day Right: Try Mini-Frittatas for Breakfast

Today we celebrate the start of National Public Health Week, championed by the American Public Health Association. Each day features a different aspect of public health, and today’s theme is “Be Healthy From the Start,” putting a focus on subjects such as maternal health, child nutrition, and making sure we are up do date with our emergency preparedness at home. Inspired by today’s theme, I’m going to share some motivating research in support of starting your day off right; with a healthy, filling, delicious breakfast! You’ll also get my super breakfast timesaver and incredibly easy Mini-Frittata recipe.

Your doctor and your grandma probably agree; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Need some motivation for eating a balanced morning meal? One recent study has shown that women trying to lose weight who ate half of their calories at breakfast ended up losing 2 ½ more times weight than women who loaded up on calories at dinner. The big breakfast eaters also showed better cholesterol levels and improved insulin sensitivity. Are you convinced yet?

One of the things I find myself supporting all of my clients to do is find healthy breakfasts that also fit into their schedule. One challenge of breakfast is that most traditional morning meals are protein and carbohydrate heavy: eggs, oatmeal, cereal… But since every meal should include vegetables, and at least half of your plate should be made up of vegetables with a bit of fruit, how the heck to we do that at breakfasts?

Enter this delicious recipe for mini-frittatas that you can make ahead of time and enjoy hot or cold.  Since they are made in muffin pan, you can grab one or two in the morning as you head out the door just like a muffin! Unlike most muffins, these babies pack a protein and phytonutrient punch and are cute enough for company. One of my clients who recently made these for the first time served them when she had some collaborators over for a reading; she said they were gone before they finished the script! And when one of the actors said “Thanks, but no thanks; I’m gluten free,” my client happily surprised everyone when she admitted they were gluten free, soy free, nut free, and full of vegetables. How cool is it to surprise people with delicious food that also ends up being healthy! 



-9 Large eggs (Pastured, if possible)

-1 Small head broccoli, chopped, including stems

-1 Small bunch kale, chopped

-1/2 Red onion sliced, then slightly chopped, thin

-2 Stalks green onion sliced thin

-Seasoning: salt, pepper (to taste, usually a sprinkle) garlic powder, oregano, red pepper flakes for heat, cayenne

-Little bit of coconut oil to grease pan

Kitchen Tools

-Oven: Preheat to 375o

-Muffin Pan

In a bowl, add chopped veggies and all egg and spices. Beat with a whisk. Spoon/pour into pre-greased pan. Bake for 25-35 minutes, depending on oven. Result should be slightly browned puffy tops. Do not open oven while baking.

 Other flavor options to try:

-Diced fennel, olives, onion, arugula, oregano

-Chopped fresh basil, spinach, leeks

-Your own inspiration: Experiment with your favorite pizza topping combos as frittata ingredients.

Let me know if you try these puppies out and what flavor combinations you like. Because your muffin pan might be slightly different in size from mine, you may find you need one egg more or less, feel free to experiment to get the ratio of egg to veggie that you like. Until next time, Happy Public Health Week! Here’s to starting your day right!

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