Tips to Keep You Health-Smart: What I Learned from the SAG-AFTRA Health Fair

Yesterday I was very grateful to participate in the SAG-AFTRA Health Fair. Union members were able to receive free consults from myself, as well as numerous traditional and alternative practitioners. The services ranged from massages to mammograms, and many healthy food companies generously gave out free food samples including one of my favorites, KIND Health Snacks.  If you are SAG-AFTRA, I highly recommend that you attend this annual event! I and my colleagues from Elysium Healing Arts had a blast meeting and giving free services to hard-working actors.

I learned a lot yesterday in my mini-consults about where people seem to get off-track with reaching and maintaining optimum wellness; here are some valuable tips to keep in mind to stay on your health “game.”

My Top Three Tips to Keep You Health-Smart

Fire Your Doctor and Get a New One

I was struck by how many actors yesterday talked about disliking their current doctors/practitioners and had just “settled” for mediocre healthcare. If you aren’t happy with the level or style of care that you are receiving from your doc, specialist, therapist, acupuncturist, nutritionist… fire them! Find quality practitioners that work well with you, who provide context for their decisions about your care, and encourage you to reach healthy choices in ways that fit into your life.  Ask friends, or colleagues who might have similar insurance for practitioner recommendations. When you find a doctor that you like, ask them for referrals for other health care professionals that fit within your insurance plan to get connected with quality care.

I'm a big fan of Silver Lake Pilates Studio on Sunset. Click the photo above to check out their flexible class and private lesson schedules. 

I'm a big fan of Silver Lake Pilates Studio on Sunset. Click the photo above to check out their flexible class and private lesson schedules. 

Stop Using Your Schedule as an Excuse to Not Eat/Exercise/Take Care Of Yourself

Every single person I talked to yesterday mentioned stressing about not having enough time to cook, get enough sleep and/or exercise. Don’t let your schedule be an excuse for giving up on pursing health. Fit five minutes of exercise in as a break from work, get groceries delivered if you don’t have time to shop (or better yet, get a CSA box here and tell them I sent you, and code 6164), come up with a list of healthy restaurants that become your “go-to” places so you can avoid processed fast-food joints; there are numerous ways to fit healthy eating, movement, and rest into your day, a first step is accepting that this is your responsibility, an important step is figuring out when to ask for help if you can’t balance your health needs on your own (that’s why I’m here, I know this stuff is hard to do on your own!).

Eat Real Food

So many actors are either pressed for time with juggling numerous side jobs, or terrified of weight gain, and often both. I can’t tell you this enough; you must eat. Eat real food at breakfast, eat lunch, dinner. Hey, while you’re at it, eat a snack! When you’re surviving off of sugary meal replacement bars, or constantly skipping meals; if you aren’t getting enough calories, vitamins, and minerals in the day you will not have quality, sustainable energy. This is another area where if you are struggling with how to find time to eat, or have a fear of weight gain that is affecting your food choices in negative ways please find a quality practitioner to help. A coach is a great way to get help finding time in your day for food. To be the very best version of you, you need quality nutrition. You deserve good food. You deserve health.

A big “thank you” to SAG-AFTRA for having me and hosting such a valuable annual event. If you attended the Health Fair and didn’t have a chance to stop by my table, I’m still giving away free 30-minute sessions to SAG-AFTRA members, and make sure to request to join my Actor’s Circle here.

As always, thanks for reading and let me know what other things you do to stay on top of your health!

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