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As a member of the New York Actor Salon you qualify to receive a complimentary full-length consult and coaching session to jumpstart your journey to a happy healthy you. Make sure to sign up before February 28th to reserve one of the exclusive spots reserved for New York Salon members.

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Are you ready to take your Acting Career to the next Level?

Get ready for the support you deserve so that you can focus on what you love: your acting career! Melt away stress surrounding food and eating by working towards sustainable healthy choices that fit within your schedule demands and budget. No two people have the same tastes, biology, budget or personality; let your food fit your life instead of trying to fit your life around your food. 

  • Are you struggling with managing your weight in a manner that leaves you satisfied, happy, and with food that tastes great and fits within your budget?
  • Do you struggle with breakouts or other skin conditions that affect your ability to work as an actor?
  • Are you bored with feeling as though you are stuck with a limited "diet" and wish you could eat more variety of foods but don't know where to start? 
  • Do you wish you had more energy so you can accomplish what you desire? 
  • Are you overwhelmed by fad-nutrition and health marketing and need reliable, sustainable eating guidelines that fit within your lifestyle?
  • Do you want to feel more comfortable in your clothes and connected to your body?

What to expect in your one-on-one 50-minute Skype Session:

  • You'll submit a Health History Form before the session so that you and Alyson can get on the same page about your past and current health, as well as your goals.
  • With Alyson, you'll develop clear, measurable goals for the next six months in regards to your body, sleep, stress management, and diet.
  • You'll learn quick, safe, science-based nutrition tips to get ready for pilot season, or when you have to be in top shape for a show. 

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What Actors Say About Working with Alyson:

Before I started working with Alyson, my health was touch and go. I’d eat and hope for the best. Alyson has given me the tools I need to take control of my health. Since we started to work together, my career has taken a huge leap forward. I credit that to feeling and looking good thanks to Alyson’s help!
— Ariel, Actor, Los Angeles
I’ve got a bunch of new good habits! Alyson’s class really helped me sort through the fog of confusing and conflicting rumors, fads and misinformation about healthy food. I now feel more calm and confident when choosing what to eat!
— Calliope, Actor, Los Angeles
I wanted to regulate my moods, lose weight, focus on my career goals as an actress in a 100% positive way, and be a more present and loving wife. To be blunt, my body and mind were behaving in such a way that I thought I was diabetic, clinically depressed and I was regularly afraid to make decisions. Coach Alyson was able to help work towards my goals by assessing what steps I was already taking with these goals in mind, and clearing the fog around my nutritional, professional and emotional habits. She gave me tips on how to reward my body and my day to day choices and prioritizing. She helped me understand the way I learn and function and how I prefer to learn and function and how to do both no matter what. I love my life more because I’m privileged to be a client of Coach Alyson.
— Ayana, Actor, Los Angeles

Alyson Roux, certified Health Coach, M.F.A., and M.S. Nutrition Candidate, has been coaching actors for over a decade. Passionate about educating and supporting the working artist, Alyson applies her science background in combination with years of experience in the arts and entertainment industry working for a Tony-Award wining theatre company and Academy Award-wining film studio, Alyson uses her industry knowledge to help actors transform their relationship with food in safe, practical, and results-oriented, delicious ways.