I wanted to regulate my moods, lose weight, focus on my career goals as an actress in a 100% positive way, and be a more present and loving wife. To be blunt, my body and mind were behaving in such a way that I thought I was diabetic, clinically depressed and I was regularly afraid to make decisions. Coach Alyson was able to help work towards my goals by assessing what steps I was already taking with these goals in mind, and clearing the fog around my nutritional, professional and emotional habits. She gave me tips on how to reward my body and my day to day choices and prioritizing. She helped me understand the way I learn and function and how I prefer to learn and function and how to do both no matter what. I love my life more because I’m privileged to be a client of Coach Alyson.
— Ayana, Actor, Los Angeles

Have you ever seen a health professional who gave you advice but you could only laugh it off with the classic response, "I can't possibly do that, honey, I work in the entertainment industry." Do you have chronic pain, or digestive issues that won't go away and you don't have time to manage them? Have you been piling on weight since that last promotion because you're stuck at your desk? Have you been told you have to change your eating by a doctor, but can't take one more day of ordering a salad? When you have to be on set, at the meeting, on the call, have tech, rehearsal, an audition, a show, or generally must be in a room that cannot be arranged around your personal health, you've experienced the creative professional health crisis. That's where I'm different.

I’ve got a bunch of new good habits! Alyson’s class really helped me sort through the fog of confusing and conflicting rumors, fads and misinformation about healthy food. I now feel more calm and confident when choosing what to eat!
— Calliope, Actor, Los Angeles

The Boutique Coaching Experience with me is unique; I will listen to you, and I understand the pressures that exist in your world. I've been there, and I'm here to help.

I created my practice to serve the people who's work I admire, and respect. I think you deserve a long, healthy life, don't you? An example of who can be helped by my practice:

  • Actors
  • Agents
  • Producers
  • Executives
  • Directors
  • Writers
  • Designers and Visual Artists
  • Editors and Post-Production Artists
  • Production Staff including Carpenters, Gaffers, Grips, 
  • Assistants (Ask about my special Assistant Program)
  • And anyone struggling to find their place in the industry