Nutritional Therapy and Coaching

Alyson combines medical nutrition therapy and health coaching techniques to deliver lasting behavior changes to positively impact health and wellness outcomes. Conditions supported:

Gastrointestinal Conditions with specialty in IBS, SIBO, and GERD (Reflux)

Eating Disorders with area of focus in Binge Eating Disorder

Optimizing relationship with food within mood disorders, or addiction recovery

Are you overwhelmed with all the conflicting nutrition information on the internet?

A qualified nutrition professional can help you transform your relationship to body and mind into the you that is waiting to be properly nourished, moved, and supported. The nutrition therapy process can bring ease to trying new foods, exploring sustainable eating behaviors, exercise options, and stress management techniques.

What could your day look like, if you didn’t have to worry about food?

She has no judgment, and the expectations are realistic—unlike many other health professionals, coaches and programs I have experienced in the past. Alyson makes you really feel that your goals- in all areas, not just health wise- are not only achievable, but inevitable.
— Ellen, Writer and Comedian, Los Angeles
“I feel my relationship to food is healthier and I have a better understanding of how food affects me. My main symptoms of candida (yeast infection) has completely gone away. I felt like the 6 months with Alyson set me up and I am still feeling the positive effects now.”

How does

it work?

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You are invited to:

  • Set attainable goals that will improve your overall well-being

  • Increase your energy levels and reduce spikes and crashes during the day

  • Eat delicious food that makes you feel good

  • Eat intuitively, mindfully, and stop being controlled by your food or trying to control your food

  • Exercise in ways that bring you joy and support long term health

  • Save time and money by learning how to fit meal prep into your busy schedule, while reducing unrealistic, perfectionistic, #mealprep expectations

  • Feel less stressed, more clear-headed, and have the tools to manage stress long term

  • Feel more connected to your body, and confident in your daily relationships

  • Stop setting shame-based goals, embrace your body, your genetics, your life and learn how to develop body trust with food

All of my clients receive:

  • Personalized programs to fit your schedule, resources, and lifestyle

  • After your initial consultation we'll meet at least twice a month in person or via Healthie Video Conference (HIPPA compliant secure video)

  • Unlimited messaging between sessions

  • 30% off any clinical-grade supplements that I assess to be medically necessary

  • All-access pass to exclusive events such as workshops, activities, and group sessions: Food demos, Farmer's Market Tours...

  • My unconditional respect





The Signature

Six-Month Program

Why six months? Because that's how long it truly takes to cement positive changes with lasting results. Over the course of six months you'll have regular days, holidays, parties, lunch meetings and a bbq or two. You need support in real time so that you have the tools to tackle whatever your work and personal life throws at you. As part of this program you receive:

  • Private nutrition coaching sessions every week in person or virtually.

  • Unlimited messaging between sessions.

  • Access to classes, workshops, and events.

  • Unlimited grocery store and farmers market tours.

  • "My Health Book" - A completely personalized book of recipes, activities, and information that we build together so that you'll always have the tools you need. Throw out diet books that promote restriction, shame and unsustainable results.

  • Giveaways include new foods and beverages, books, audio recordings, and more.

  • Optional ad-ons:

    • Customized clinical-grade micronutrient and herbal supplements based on your symptoms and laboratory assessment

    • Vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid testing and evaluation

    • Functional laboratory testing such as hormone and stool evaluation

The VIP Day Retreat

Spend an entire day with Alyson at your home and receive the attention you deserve to get a jumpstart on accomplishing healthy diet and lifestyle goals. The VIP day is completely customized, based on a separate initial consultation, and can include:

  • Pantry and Fridge Discovery: Learn to utilize your pantry and fridge more efficiently and to provide gentle nutrition for you and your family

  • Cooking Instruction

  • Facing Food Fears: Mindful Eating Exercises in the privacy of your home

  • Stress management practices around meal acquisition and preparation

VIP days can be customized one-on-one or for groups. Invite a few friends over for a customized cooking lesson!

Group Programs

Similar to the Signature Six-Month Program, presented in the even more affordable group format. Group programs start throughout the year, and you can join one that fits with your schedule. Have a group that want to transform their lives? Group coaching is great for professional communities, and friends who are looking to build healthy habits together to feel reconnected to food and empowered in their bodies!

The Boutique




Have you ever seen a health professional who gave you advice but you could only laugh it off with the classic response, "I can't possibly do that, honey, I work in the entertainment industry." Do you have chronic pain, or digestive issues that won't go away and you don't have time to manage them? Have you been relying on the office candy jar since that last promotion because you're stuck at your desk? Did your doctor give you health advice that stung, but never asked you about your struggle with your relationship to food?

When you have to be on set, at the meeting, on the call, have tech, rehearsal, an audition, a show, or generally must be in a room that cannot be arranged around your personal health, you've experienced the creative professional health crisis. That's where I'm different.

The Boutique Coaching Experience with me is unique; I will listen to you, and I understand the pressures that exist in your world. I've been there, and I'm here to help.

I created my practice to serve the people who's work I admire, and respect. I think you deserve a long, healthy life, don't you? An example of who can be helped by my practice:

  • Actors
  • Agents
  • Producers
  • Executives
  • Directors
  • Writers
  • Designers and Visual Artists
  • Editors and Post-Production Artists
  • Production Staff including Carpenters, Gaffers, Grips, 
  • Assistants (Ask about my special Assistant Program)
  • And anyone struggling to find their place in the industry
“I’ve got a bunch of new good habits! Alyson’s class really helped me sort through the fog of confusing and conflicting rumors, fads and misinformation about healthy food. I now feel more calm and confident when choosing what to eat!”
— Calliope, Actor, Los Angeles