Due to her extensive training, Alyson combines medical nutrition therapy and health coaching to deliver lasting behavior changes to positively impact health and wellness outcomes. Conditions treated:

  • Gastrointestinal Conditions with specialty in IBS, SIBO, and GERD (Reflux)

Have you ever received advice from a doctor that sounded good in your appointment but turned into a hassle when you got home? Are you overwhelmed with all the conflicting nutrition information on the internet? 

Health coaches are trained to help you reach your wellness goals. A good coach can help you transform your body, mind and spirit into the you that is waiting to be properly fed, moved, and supported. Coaches make it easy to try new foods, healthy eating behaviors, exercise options, and stress management techniques. 

Your transformation starts with our first conversation. Can you imagine what you would look and feel like if you had the support you deserve to reach your goals? 


She has no judgment, and the expectations are realistic—unlike many other health professionals, coaches and programs I have experienced in the past. Alyson makes you really feel that your goals- in all areas, not just health wise- are not only achievable, but inevitable.
— Ellen, Writer and Comedian, Los Angeles

How Does THE PROCESS Work?

Nutrition Therapy combined with Health Coaching enables you to:

  • Set attainable goals that will improve your health and overall well-being
  • Increase your energy levels and reduce spikes and crashes during the day
  • Eat delicious food that makes you feel great
  • Reach a healthy weight and get the tools to stay there
  • Get rid of pesky cravings and stop being controlled by your food
  • Save time and money by learning how to fit true healthy eating into your busy schedule
  • Feel less stressed, more clear-headed, and have the tools to manage stress long term
  • Feel more connected to your body, and confident in your daily relationships

All of my clients receive:

  • Personalized programs to fit your schedule, resources, and lifestyle
  • After your initial consultation we'll meet at least twice a month in person or via Skype 
  • Between sessions we'll check in as much as you need so that you can stay on track
  • All-access pass to exclusive events such as workshops, activities, and group sessions
  • My unconditional support and respect

If you think this unique combination of nutrition therapy and health coaching might be right for you, schedule a complimentary health consultation today. During the consultation we'll discuss if coaching might be a good fit and strategize about your next steps. 

Health Coaching in the Press: Don't Take My Word For It! 

Men's Journal: The Rise of the Health Coach

"Most of the problems people go to their doctors for are chronic, lifestyle-related questions, and doctors don't have the time to treat them,” says Dr. Frank Lipman, a New York physician who uses six health coaches in his practice. “Health coaches can give patients specific recipes and hold their hands. I don't have the time to do that.”

Lifestyle Interventions Trump Health Advice for Weight Loss: Study-

"After the trial period, researchers found that the participants in the intervention group lost more weight after one year and sustained their weight loss through the end of the trial. The control group lost weight initially, but gained weight overall by the end of the third year."

Got Flab? Stress? Health Coaches Want to Help-

"Most people know what they should be doing," Bryant said. "The secret sauce is to translate that knowledge into activity that leads to sustainable change."